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Hemorrhoids are probably one of the most common diseases of modern age. According to some statistics, about 40 percent of human population suffers from some type of colon disease; about 12 percent are affected from hemorrhoids, which is a high percentage.

Both men and women are equally affected by this disease and most common are the age groups between 25 and 50 years of age. Even though the main cause for hemorrhoid is unknown, it is believed that they can be a result of irregular bowel habits, low fiber diet, obesity, long sitting, lack of physical activities, genetics etc. they can also become a very serious problem during pregnancy and in the period after giving birth.


Conventional medicine has a large number of medicines and treatments to offer so that this unpleasant problem can be fixed. Nature also has a number of it products that offer a solution for this medical problem. We have here a suggestion that is so simple to prepare and use and we can say efficient in solving this tough problem.

All you will need to prepare this treatment is a potato and a teaspoon of olive oil.

This is what to do with the ingredients:

When the hemorrhoids are internal, grate the potato and sprinkle it with olive oil. Take a pinch of this mixture and put it on gauze. Then lean the gauze on the affected spot. Cover the spot and leave it to react overnight. In the morning take it off. Repeat this treatment until you feel an improvement.

When the hemorrhoids are external, cut the potato on circles. And then make a stick from one peace. Apply the oil on the potato stick and then place the stick in the anus. Let it stay overnight. The stick will soften and will fall out the next time you go to the bathroom.
NOTE: If you feel doubt about some natural cure then talk to a doctor before you start using it.



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