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Smokers say that it is very difficult to stop smoking especially if you are smoker for a longer period. When it is up to quitting this health hazard habit we have to emphasize that it is not important just to try, you have to be persistent and you will definitely beat this killing habit.

Keep in mind that if you quit smoking, you will improve your health and you will no longer endanger the health of people that leave with you. Cigarettes are addictive habit that can have dangerous consequences to your. The chemicals in cigarettes increase the risk of getting cancer. Smoking can also cause heart diseases, respiratory diseases and asthma. Smokers have more chances of being affected by these diseases than the people that don’t smoke.
There are so many natural remedies to help you quit smoking so don’t waste your money on everything you see on the market. All you need is just good will and a little persistence. This natural drink will help you in reducing the cravings for cigarettes, and this nasty habit will be gone for good.

quit smoking

This is what you need:
half a grapefruit;
half an orange;
200 ml of chamomile tea;
30 g jojoba oil;

30 g of olive oil;
30 g of coconut;
5 g oregano.
This is how to prepare it:
Squeeze the juice of a grapefruit and oranges in a bottle. Add the remaining ingredients in a bottle and shake well until everything is blended.
Whenever you feel the need to smoke, place a small amount of the mixture on your nose, or on a tissue, and then breathe in deeply.
This is how it works:
The combination of chamomile and oregano helps with stress and depression that can occur after you stop smoking. Lemon juice is effective in stopping nicotine to store in your organism. Jojoba and olive oil helps odor molecules to be more effective in stopping the wish for cigarette.



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