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Flavored water is very popular commercial product. But when you buy this water check the ingredient list. These waters are full of artificial additives; some of them are even unknown to most of us.

If you want to refresh yourself with a naturally mineralized water full of vitamins, and turn  the same boring taste of water into something that will excite your senses, just choose your favorite combination  of flavors and add water. It will just take some time to cold and you will have your aromatic, refreshing, healthy and low calorie drink.


How to turn your water into refreshing drink full of vitamins?

This is what you need:

Water; Fresh fruit, Fresh spices; A glass jar with a lid; Ice.

How to prepare it:

The fruit has to be properly washed before use. Then cut the fruit in very thin slices or cubes. It is up to you what shape will the fruit be. Place the fruit into the jar. Add the spices. You chose them too. Then pour the water in. Close the lid of the jar and place it in the fridge. It has to stay for a few hours. During that time gently shake the jar few times. After a few hours take it out and you just need to add ice.  This water full of vitamins is a great refreshment and proper replacement for sugar saturated juices.

Combinations of flavor:

If you are not sure what flavors to use here we have some suggestions. You can combine by your taste and see if you like it. This recipe gives the space to be creative. Try also:

  • Lemon, lime and orange
  • Green apple, cucumber and mint
  • Blueberry and lavender
  • Orange, lemon and mint
  • Raspberry, lime and basil
  • Pineapple, ginger and mint
  • Cucumber, lemon and parsley.

Refresh yourself. It is easy and most important it is healthy.



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