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Everyone wants nice looking tanned skin and we practice sun tanning during the summer. But if your skin is too sensitive or you stay in the sun for too long you may get serious sunburn.  If you don’t apply sunscreen or some kind of sun protection it can get worse.

However you will have to treat your skin with something that will keep it calm and nourished because the sunburn causes redness, itchiness and burning sensation on the skin. There are so many products on the market nowadays but you can always choose to try natural remedies.

Chamomile balm

Chamomile balm

Pour 300 ml of boiling milk over 50 gr of grounded chamomile. Then add 50 gr flax seeds in 200ml of milk and let it stay for three hours. Then merge two mixtures and treat affected areas of skin with it.

St. John's wort oil

St. John’s wort oil

Put three tablespoons of dried flowers of St. John’s wort in 200 ml of olive oil, let sit for 10 days in a sealed glass container. Then strain and keep the extract in a glass bottle or jar. It is very good for treating sunburns.


 Cucumber lotion

Grate one larger fresh cucumber, but from and squeeze all the juice. Add a quarter cup of glycerin, a quarter cup of rose water and all stir well. Apply on the skin three times a day.

Oat bath

Oat bath

Fill in the tub, and add three cups of oatmeal, half a cup of baking soda, a cup of dried chamomile flowers. If you want you can put the ingredients in a cloth and tie them under the tap so the water can directly drip in them.


 Lavender tincture

Mix 60 ml of distilled water, nine drops of lavender essential oil and two drops of mint essential oil. Dip a cotton ball in this tincture and gently apply on the burned skin.



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