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Apple vinegar is famous for the power it has against cellulite. You should try this amazing method to get rid of this modern disease as it is called. You probably already have these ingredients at home so you just need a little time and will.


You need ¼ of a cup body lotion (any) and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (homemade is the best). Mix well until you get a compound mixture.

The next step is very important if you want effective results!
Soak a towel in cold water, drain and place it a few minutes on the parts of the body you want to treat. It is important that the water is cold, to open the pores of the skin and allow the treatment to get to the cellulite.  After a few minutes apply the mixture on the skin, but do not rub it in. Wrap the areas with plastic wrap and leave it like that for 3-6 hours. During this time it is not recommended to move and therefore we recommend doing these treatments over night. After you remove the wrappings shower and hydrate the skin. Repeat three times a week. During the period you are doing this treatment remember to do some kind of physical activities and healthy diet that will enhance the effect of the wrappings.




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