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Different things that we are familiar with, like shampoos, every day towels, tight trousers and chlorine, can affect health of the vagina more than you can imagine. The most important is to stick to natural care and natural materials.
When it comes to care of you organs try not to endanger the natural balance with a variety of chemicals and processes. The most common mistake is exaggeration in hygiene, and the expectation that the vagina can and should smell like a rose.

Use just water

The biggest myth is that the vagina should be a washed with a variety of shampoos, as it contributes to better hygiene and smell. Experts say this is completely wrong, of its higher pH and mucosal skin. Everything that disturbs the natural acidity can cause inflammation, yeast and similar infections. Therefore it is the best to use just water for washing.

Every day towels and tampons can cause of infection

Beauty supplies for women come in all shapes and sizes, and producers are rubbing their hands on the profit they make. They call those products “necessary” but the reality is that most of these things are unnecessary. Every gynecologist will tell you that the continuous use of every day towels and tampons during menstruation is not good. In fact, it does not allow the vagina to “breathe” and contribute to the growth of bacteria and the formation of inflammation.

Tight pants cause yeast infections

Another thing that does not allow the vagina to “breathe” is tight pants. In general, it is better to choose clothes that are wider cut. Another thing that is not good for intimate health is unnatural materials, such as elastin or synthetic in the underwear. Therefore always choose cotton underwear.

Misbalance of moisture level

The vagina is moist by nature, but the amount of “moisture” depends on the period of the cycle, as well as on the state of sexual arousal.  During the summer woman’s health is threatened because the swimwear that does not allow normal drying and creates a moist and warm environment. So on this period are frequent yeast and vaginal infections as well as itchy, burning sensation…

Probiotics are allies of the vagina

Avoiding dairy products such as yogurt is a big mistake if you are a woman. The good bacteria in yogurt, kefir or sour milk are the best allies of healthy and balanced bacterial system of the vagina. They should be in higher dose especially if you are treated with antibiotics.

Careful with the detergents and fabric softeners
Detergents for washing clothes are often packed with numerous chemical compounds whose task is the natural smell, but not vaginal health. They can irritate the genital area, so it is best to choose hypoallergenic detergent without fragrance for sensitive skin, and use it to wash your underwear on temperatures 60 ᵒC and higher.



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