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Natural sugars that are found in fruits, milk and other foods are not harming your body, they are good for your health and you can bring in large quantities over the mentioned ingredients.
However, industrially processed and refined sugars are a great danger. Their ejection from the diet can dramatically improve your health, and you can easily replace them with natural sugar substitutes like honey, stevia or maple syrup.
If you decide to stop consuming sugar, these are positive changes that will happen:

Your body weight will stabilize

Believe it or not sugar addiction is real. The more you consume, the more you want, especially if you eat a lot of processed sugar, like oily and fast foods and meals with a high proportion of carbohydrates. If you say “NO” to sugar your body will be grateful because it will not have to struggle with unwanted extra calories. At first you feel a great desire for sweets, but when your body is cleansed of sugar the constant feeling of hunger and you will start to lose weight and stabilize your body weight.

You will have more energy

When we are tired, we often consume food or energy drinks that contain large amounts of sugar because we want something to “lift” us quickly.  Ironically, but we are actually denying our body the required amount of energy. In fact, all the sugar that we take blocks the ability of our body to maintain energy. Therefore, in moments of fatigue, do not reach for chocolate or drinks with a lot of caffeine and sugar. What really makes us feel tired are rapid changes of blood sugar.

You’ll have healthier and more beautiful skin

It is no secret that sugar causes acne and pimples and also makes this skin condition more serious. If cosmetician or cosmetics creams can’t help eliminate sugar from your nutrition, because it is possible that your problem with acne actually comes from the sugar. Many people who have done it confirmed that their skin is quickly becoming clearer, brighter and healthier.

Your digestion will become regular

Our digestive system loves food with lots of fiber and a minimum of heavy foods which include sugar. The reduction of sugar will make a huge difference in your digestive system. The stomach and intestines will easier digest everything you eat so the problems like gas and constipation will very soon disappear.

You will get rid of sugar cravings

Believe it or not, you can get rid of the cravings for sweets, and only by extracting sugar of your nutrition.  After a while, your favorite chocolate could become too sweet for you. You’ll start to enjoy the taste of fruit and natural sugars that are found in them. After a few months when you try a bite of your favorite cake, you will be surprised just how sweet it is.



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