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Calories are very important if you are trying to lose weight, but the most important about calorie intake is that you take them in a form of healthy ingredients that will help you burn fats. The intake of food that burns fats doesn’t mean that the extra weight will just disappear. If you watch what you eat and how you combine the food that you eat it will be easier for you to get rid of the fat and feel much better. Below is a list of best ingredients that help burn fat:

  1. KEFIR

Fermented food is great for weight loss, and for general health of the organism. Kefir is the best of the fermented dairy products. It is extremely rich with probiotics that will make the digestion function much better. That means it will be easier to lose weight. You can also choose yogurt or sour milk, and if you don’t like milk, pickles have similar influence.


This oily fish gives you the feeling of fullness very fast and it is very rich with omega3 fats. This fats are good for losing weight and also for health of the heart, joints and brain. Omega6 fats are another reason to eat this fish at least once a week.


Sadly, but a lot of people don’t like this fish. This blue fish has low containment of mercury, it is full of Omega3 fats and good source of vitamin B. Eat this fish any time you can because it will give you healthy fats and proteins your body needs.


This product contains healthy precious fats, but they also contain a lot of calories which is the reason they are often avoided. Walnuts that are rich with omega 3 fats can be your ally in the diet because they help burning fats by controlling the insulin level. They also have low glycemic index just like salmon.



If you want to replace wheat with another cereal think about this south American plant that was called “the gold of  Incas”. Quinoa is called super food because  of its containment of essential amino acids like lysine, then calcium, phosphorus and iron. This cereal will keep you fool and give you enough energy and supply the digestive system with all needed bacteria.

  1. KALE

This plant  that is similar to cabbage is necessary in any diet. Kale is alkaline ingredient which means it lowers the acidity in the organism. It is rich with healthy natural fiber that slow the releasing of glucose down, and with that they regulate the insulin juices. Kale contains a lot of magnesium and iron that lower the level of stress hormones in the organism.


Forget about sunflower oil and butter and use olive oil when you cook. Just like fish oil it is rich with omega3 fats and has positive influence on lowering the appetite and weight loss.


Replace the coffee with this healthy tea that will help you lose weight and it will give you the feeling of freshness. Green tea helps the work of thyroid and improves metabolism and this is a long lasting effect.


Instead of white rice use integral. It tastes a bit different and it takes longer to cook it but it is healthier than white rice. The whole grain rice will give you the feeling of fullness very fast and it contains a lot of chrome that helps regulation of healthy sugar level in the blood. This lowers insulin resistance and the deposition of fats.


Provides us with all necessary vitamins and minerals, natural sugars and fiber, and knowing the fact that they are great anti oxidants, they help dissolve and throw out fats from the organism.



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