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Orange juice is natural energy drink you just have to add it linseeds oil. It’s advantage is that you can use it every day unlike the synthetic energy drinks that can cause addiction.

Lower intake of vitamins and low physical activity during winter days can be some of the causes for tiredness, sleepiness and lack of energy. In this condition the best treatment is orange juice with addition of linseed oil. It helps the body to recover fast and bring back the energy it needs for normal functioning.

Plain sugars that you take with candy are a fast solution that has effect for 15-40 minutes. Orange juice with linseeds oil is rich with vitamin C, calcium and folic acid and it will give you a long lasting effect of energy. The oil from the seeds on the other side is slowing down the entrance of fruit sugars from the orange juice into the bloodstream and assures even energy making that lasts for a few hours.


orange juice

Orange juice is natural energy drink that is low on calories


Because orange is a fruit low on cholesterol and rich with fiber. It also contains high amount of vitamin C that is important to the immune system and helps developing resistance against infections. It also contains vitamin A, is a great source of vitamins B complex, as well as minerals like potassium and calcium.  The oil from linseeds on the other side helps preventing cardiovascular and lung diseases. Recent medical researches show that regular usage of linseeds oil lowers high blood pressure. Nutritionists recommend the usage of the oil as additive to nutrition, but only if you don’t warm it up. Therefore you can add it to a cooked meals, salads, souses and soups.

You can use orange juice with linseed oil every day; its preparation is fast and easy:


3 pealed oranges;

1 spoon of linseeds oil

100 ml cold water

Preparation: Put all of the ingredients in a blender and mix well. If you don’t have a blender squeeze the juice of three oranges, add the oil and water and mix.



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