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Nettle is a herb that helps with many diseases, especially recommended for people with kidney disease and also helps with anemia.

Nettle has so many benefits to our health

It can provide healthy teeth and bone mineralization in children and women in time of pregnancy and lactation. Nettle is necesairy for people that need calcium in their daily diet.

Nettle contains magnesium protects and aliments the brain, heart and blood vesels and the muscules.
Nettle provides necessairy amounts of zink, therefore in combination with bee polen can be used in treating  prostate adenoma and help the treatment of acute prostatitis.

The presence of manganese relieves symptoms of senility.

The amount of Vitamin K nettle contains prevents bleeding.

Nettle helps in the creation of  hemoglobin. The copper,vitamin C, and manganese help the activation of  iron from the depot, and its everyday use prevents anemia.

Here are some interesting ways to use nettle in your alimentation.

Nettle leaves stink so it is probably the best to use gloves when you pick them

nettle syrup


• 30-40 tops of baby nettle plant
• 3l cold water
• 5-6 citrus fruit of your preference or combination.
• 1kg of sugar.
You get arount 3-4 liters of juice from this ingredients.

wash the nettle leaves and the fruits. Cut the fruits and place them in a bowl and pour over with water. Cover and leave it for 24 hours. The next day mash the ingredients and filther. Add the sugar and leave for another 24 hours for sugar to dissolve. Mix periodically. Then pour in clean bottles and store in dark place.



1 liter of milk,

1 kg babby nettle leaves

200 g sour cream,

100 ml oil,

50 g butter,

100 g flour,

2 cloves of garlic,

salt and pepper.

Preparation: wash the nettle, drain and chop. Put the butter in a pan and then add the flour. Fry until it becomes golden.then add the garlic and fry breafly. Then add the nettle and the milk. Add a little water and then season. Cook for 10 minutes and then add the sour cream before serving.



Pour one glass of boiling water over a teaspoon of nettle. Cover and leave for 5 minutes. Filther and drink in small sips.


Put one cup of nettle in a large pot and cover with hot water. Cover and leave on for 10-15 minutes, then drain  and pour into the tub with warm water. The water in the bath should be pleasantly warm. Lay in the water for 20 minutes. After the bath, do not take a shower – just gently wipe. Keep your body  warm for another hour.


Take a handful of nettle roots and two handfuls of leaves and stems of nettle and soak overnight in 5 liters of cold water. The next day to boil and allow to cool. This solution can be used twice as a bath for the feet.



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