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Onions is a real vitamin bomb that keeps you from various diseases and strengthens your health. Whether you eat it fresh or as a food seasoning, onion enrich your body, except vitamins, many minerals, and phytochemicals, which makes it one of the healthiest foods.

Only one stalk spring onions contains about 20 micrograms of vitamin K, and 1.6 mg of vitamin C. When it comes to the needs of women in the aforementioned vitamins, stalks spring onions contains 22 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin K and 2.1 percent of the recommended daily dose of vitamins C. in men, it is 16 percent of the recommended dose of vitamin C and nearly 2 percent of vitamin K . Both of these vitamins are essential for growth, development and maintenance of strength and bone health. If your diet does not contain sufficient amounts of these vitamins, increases the likelihood of developing osteoporosis and a higher percentage of bone fragility. The body needs Vitamin A for the production of rhodopsin, a protein in the eyes that allows the receptors of the retina that absorb light.

spring onion

Individuals whose diet does not contain sufficient amounts of vitamin A can develop night blindness and other vision disorders, including ulcers of the cornea. The

stalk spring onions contains 24 micrograms of vitamin A in the form of vitamin

A that is converted in the body into retinol, the active form of the vitamin. The amount of vitamin A meets 3.4 percent of the daily requirement for women and 2.6 percent for men.

Vitamins A and

C, which can be found in foods such as onions, have str

ong antioxidant properties. This means that the aforementioned vitamins can prevent damage cell tissue caused by the operation of free radicals. A diet rich in foods with high levels of antioxidants, especially fruits and vegetables is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease. Vitamin C may also help in lowering high blood pressure which, in turn, may reduce the risk of heart d


Research shows that green onions rich source of phytochemicals, especially compounds of flavonoids, such as quercetin and anthocyanins. This particular phytochemical compounds actually are natural chemicals that contain plants, and which can improve immunity. In addition, research suggests that flavonoids may also help prevent cancer by eliminating xanthine oxidase, an enzyme that produces free radicals.

This atributes change if you cook the spring onions therefore make sure to use it fresh and as an addition to your salad.



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