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Your hair does not shine and look like anything but hair  what you should do? If you try out some factory preparations, you probably know that it is not at all cheap.

On the other hand, if we try something to do, you will go cheaper, and you know all the ingredients that will be applied to the hair. Do not ‘Take, look five fantastic recipes that you can make yourself. We tried, act!

Beer instead of a shampoo!
Malt and hops contained in beer are fantastic for your hair. Their “magic” make your hair look softer and less prone to entanglement. To remove product residues that line the hair, it is necessary to add a beer vinegar. This combination will give your hair a fantastic shine.

– 230 ml beer
– 60 ml of apple vinegar.
The above-mentioned ingredients, mix them and apply on the hair after shampooing and rinsing with water. Wait for five minutes, rinse hair with warm water and apply conditioner.
If you have damaged hair
The recipe, which will help you hair not only looks healthier longer and be more beautiful and softer. You will need:
– 30 ml of honey
– 15 ml of olive oil
– 15 ml apple cider vinegar
Mix the ingredients and apply to wet hair (hair just wet, do not shampoo). After that, put a shower cap or plastic bag and rinse hair with water after half an hour to 45 minutes. Afterward našamponirajte and apply conditioner, as usual.
This can help for greesy hair
If you have oily hair, then you probably find it difficult to find the best solution for a given problem. The fact that the hair should be washed daily can be quite frustrating. However, do not worry, we have the solution:
60 ml of yogurt
– 15 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

– 10 grams of baking bikabone
Mix the above mentioned ingredients and apply the resulting mask on your hair, paying particular attention to the root. Wash off after half an hour. Mask do not apply more than once a week.

Dandruff as a hair problem
Dandruff presents a problem and this fight you already bored? Anti-dandruff shampoos are not as effective? We have a great recipe:
– 30 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
– 30 ml of olive oil
– 30 ml of water
Rub the aforementioned ingredients in damp hair, paying particular attention to the scalp. After twenty minutes, rinse, apply shampoo and rinse again. Treatment repeated twice a week.
Except that were delicious and healthy, bananas are great for your hair. Why? One cuts back its natural shine, healthy look, and hair becomes soft and easier for “handling”. If you find it difficult to control hair and if she often has the appearance as if it were “charged”, then the next mask just for you:
– Two bananas
– One egg
– 30 ml of yogurt
– 30 ml of olive oil
– 30 ml of honey
Use as ripe bananas (you need to mash them or puree soup in blender). In a separate bowl, beat egg white. Add bananas and then add the other ingredients. Mix well. Wash your hair as usual and then apply a mask. The basic rub. Put a shower cap and after half an hour rinse. Apply a small amount of shampoo to mild washed hair and then rinse with lukewarm water.




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